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"THE RULES" for review by potential members

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"THE RULES" for review by potential members

Post by chuck68 on Wed Aug 20 2008, 19:58

I. Communication

    A: Inter-alliance communication

      1. Communication from our officers and alliance-wide messages or IGMs

        a. All communication from officers of the United Countries shall require a written acknowledgement of receipt including any requested information unless otherwise specified by the officer sending the message

        b. You will have 48 hours to respond before removal. Forty-eight hours is only to allow for emergency situations. Responses are expected to be given as immediately as possible.

        c. In the event of an absent account holder, the account sitter shall respond letting the inquiring officer know that the account holder is currently absent and unable to reply. If possible, account sitter will respond with the appropriate information.

        d. Those who violate these rules will not be issued a warning. They will be removed from the alliance. Immediate communication within the alliance is our first and foremost protection against the outside Travian world.

    B. All communication:

      2. All messages shall be polite and respectful, whether they are to an officer or to another player who is not one of our members. Just because the local bully engages in insults does not mean that we will stoop to his level.

II. Interaction with all non-United Countries players and other alliances.

    A. No United Countries member should ever attack a larger alliance (or member of a larger alliance) without first contacting our military advisor for approval. In the event that our military advisor is absent, or we don't have one, contact your immediate wing leader. Retaliatory attacks fall into this category as well. Do not send an attack, regardless of the situation, without approval from an officer. Ever. Period. End of sentence. Please reread this. Two more times. :)

    B. Raids on smaller players, players of equal size to that of the attacker, or attacks on larger players who are not affiliated with another alliance are allowed.

    C. General bullying of other players is frowned upon, although not against the alliance rules.

    D. See above regarding messages and communication between UC members and also be non-UC members.

III. Teams

    A. All members will be assigned a team based on their area and United Countries members in the surrounding and immediate vicinity.

    B. Members from the same team will sit each other’s accounts, and be responsible for “immediate” responses to threats to fellow team members, including but not limited to reinforcements.

      1. Sitters are responsible for checking on the accounts they are sitting for daily. Even if you are sitting for someone who generally does not need you to do anything, you should log in to check for incoming attacks and always keep an eye out for yellow dots on the alliance page. It is the account owner's responsibility to contact you if they are going to be absent, however, sometimes emergencies pop up, as we all know, and prior arrangements or notification is impossible to give in every situation. **Sitters are as responsible for inactive accounts as account holders, at least until a decision is made regarding the inactive account holder.**

      2. If you are sitting for someone who has gone absent, send them a note letting them know what you have done with the account, and asking them to inform you of when they are back.

      3. Notification of this situation should be sent to SoloMia, followed by your immediate wing leader so that the officers are aware that the account holder is missing. Also let the other sitter know, so that they can assist with watching the account.

      4. Any and all questions regarding this should be asked to your wing leader.

    C. The sitter and team list is *always* a work in progress, and may not always adhere to the above depending upon any number of factors. It will generally follow the above, and all efforts will be made to follow that guideline, however, new members may be put with other new members until the list is updated again and not neccesarily based on location.

IV. Resources and “taxes”

    A. All members will be asked, to donate resources to the alliance, or to alliance members, depending upon the needs of the United Countries.

    B. You will never be asked to donate more than one hour’s worth of production at any given time to any given player.

    C. Remember, we are only as strong as our weakest member and when one person falls, we should all reach out our hand to help them back up.

V. Inactivity is not permissable. In the case of a yellow dot, you will receive a warning. Once you have received several warnings, you will be kicked. It is our expectation that if you need a sitter, you talk to us and we will try to work with you to find one, in the case where Teams are not set up yet for you. Red dots will be kicked. In the case of exceptional circumstances, which we all run into from time to time, you can contact us and we will be happy to discuss things with you.

    A. See the section regarding Teams for more information on sitters, sitting and other questions you may have.

    B. Inactivity applies to forum activity as well. See the section on Forum Activity for more detailed rules.

VI. Players applying for membership to the United Countries

    A. All players applying for membership must visit the non-member forums and present their application for review by United Countries members and officers. They must also have a minimum population of 1500.

    B. Applications from players wishing to join the United Countries will be left on our non-member forum for five days (unless otherwise stated) to give everyone an opportunity to review it, ask questions, voice their opinions and get to know the potential member.

    C. At the end of five days, if no objection is made to the player applying, player will be issued an invitation.

    D. If player receives negative feedback, the officers of the United Countries will make the final decision pending discussion. Wait time may extend more than the original five days at this point.

    E. The five day wait period MAY be waived in some circumstances. Members of former confederates or who are well-known to the United Countries members may have their wait period waived. Also, those being brought in at the beginning of the server may be granted a lower wait time. The approval period is subject to change according to the officers' decisions.

VII. In order to verify that you have read these rules and to indicate that you accept them, reply to the officer sending them with the phrase "Teamwork!" or in the case that there is no sending officer, please post it with your application as part of the answer to the question on the rules.

VIII. Alliances requesting NAPs and/or Confederacies

    A. Requesting alliance must post on the non-member forum so that United Countries members and officers may review and voice their opinion, ask questions, et cetera.

    B. Three days minimum will be granted to United Countries members to review. If there are no objections and the officers of the United Countries are in favor, an invitation will be issued, or if previously issued by the other side, will be accepted.

    C. All confederacies and NAPs will come under final consideration by the United Countries officers and the final decisions are not solely based on the opinion of the United Countries general members.

IX. Forum activity

    A. All members are expected to check the forums regularly. It is recognized that not everyone has the time to watch the forums for every post, however, we do expect that every member check for announcements concerning the alliance, and the code red section for attacks.

    B. Code Red should be checked every time you log on. Defense is critical. One person's lack of response could make or break a defense manuever.

    C. We do check forum activity. This is also the same as in game activity levels. You are not required to post, but you are required to check, at least briefly.

    D. If you are unable to do this, contact your immediate officers so that they are aware that individual messages need to be sent to you regarding any important changes.

X. Oases and conflict resolution

    A. All crop oases (specifically) or non-crop oases (generally) in the area should be snagged as soon as possible. Ask other members for assistance if needed. They can be passed back and forth between members at a later time, but should be taken as soon as possible by our members if needed. Work with your alliance members on this. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

    B. Oases that are within the 7x7 of two UC members fall under this rule.

      1. The oasis will default to the member who has the village with the most potential for production of that particular resource. Example: Crop oases will go to the player with the 15c. If both have a 15c, the solution will have to be elevated to the officers for resolution if it cannot be worked out between the players. The smaller production player can hold the crop oases until needed by the larger production player until needed. Work together.

      2. Oases ownership may be determined on a first come, first serve basis. If that is unclear, then see the next section.

      3. Oases that are shared by two members, when neither member has a larger production potential, shall be partially determined based on need. Tribes may affect the determination of who needs it more. Again, any conflicts that are not solved by the two members involved, will be elevated to the officers for decision.

    C. This section is still under construction and the rules may change.

XI. Mandatory drill participation

    A. Drills will be run. Participation will be determined by the nature of the drill.

    B. There will be mandatory participation in the drills, at some point. Drills will differ between defensive and offensive. Some defensive actions may be treated like drills and participation in sending defense to another player during an actual event, not a drill, may qualify as participation.

    C. Continuously missing drills can result in removal from the alliance. In case of inability to participate, contact your immediate officer or the person running the drills. Communication is the key.
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