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Application of Xenu

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Application of Xenu

Post by Khark on Wed Sep 08 2010, 01:42

1. How did you notice the United Countries?

refered by peace

2. Are any of our members currently attacking or raiding you and are you trying to join us in order to avoid that?

I have been attacked by your members, most notably peace, however I was able to establish a working relationship with him.

3. How long have you been playing Travian?

My first server, but Ive been reading guidesr

4. What is your playing style?


5. Have you reviewed the rules, and do you have any objections to any of them?

Yes, no.

6. Do you know anyone in the United Countries?


7. What quadrant are you located in and what is your location (X, Y)?

NE quad, have village cluster at around 170.121 and 307.225, but willing to place support villages wherever needed.

8. Have you played a server through to end game?

No, but am planning on finishing this server.

9. What is your population? If your population is low, are you extremely active, which will allow you to grow quickly? (Extremely active means logging in at least three times a day or more, with the "more" being the preference)

pop is 4800+ I log on at least 3 times a day.

10. Why did you pick the United Countries and if you are currently in an alliance, or have just recently left one, why did you make that choice?

I was offered to join by peace.

Everyone, the floor is open for discussion.
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